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The church shouldn’t be left behind in taking full advantage of the digital space in their online giving and donations.
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The world has gone digital as the pandemic has really brought about a drastic change in the way transactions are made. Many businesses are transitioning to the online space to scale, reach more audiences, and increase their revenue. The church as well shouldn’t be left behind in taking full advantage of online payment gateway in all aspects including online giving and donations.

Online giving is the smart way to go for churches in order to experience an increase in revenue and also to make it flexible for members to give during virtual church services.

Statistics have shown that churches that accept tithing online increase overall donations by 32%. This has proven that people love flexibility when giving online even when they are not in church services but watching the services remotely.

It is time to craft out a new and modern online giving solution for churches in Nigeria. Online donations can make a big difference to any church. From helping people donate more consistently to providing more convenient ways to donate, an online giving app can be an incredible tool. We know the online giving market is a bit saturated, so we provide you with the best solution to receiving church donations online and setting up online giving.

online giving

What is Online Giving?

Online giving is the ability to make donations to a church, ministry, or non-profit organization. Online fundraising allows donors to donate quickly by entering basic information such as name, email address, debit card details, and the amount they wish to donate. They can do this during the normal offering period or during the week managing their finances.

How to Go About Online Giving As A Church

Online giving is actually pretty straightforward. The church educates members and other parishioners by teaching them about the online giving app. Then, the members can download and install the app on their mobile phones and on their laptops. From there, they will create an account and add a payment method so that they can begin to make donations online in few clicks. When a donor gives via the app, information is transferred from the app over 256-bit SSL over the internet to ensure the security of the data transmitted. Then, the donations will be deposited into the church’s bank account.

Benefits of Online Giving

An Overall Increase in Donation.

When a church is fully supportive of online donations and the members are giving strictly online, they experience at least a 10% increase over a six-month time frame.

Online donations capabilities appeal to the young generation since they usually don’t have a checkbook and are used to using cell phones for financial transactions, online fundraising from mobile devices makes a lot of sense for them. And so, an increase in recurring giving will result in an increase in donations for the church.

Increases the Consistency of Giving.

People who donate regularly, at least once a month, make up about 15% of the total population; By giving users an easy way to set up recurring online donations, you help maintain and improve the consistency of their donations. It is made for regular fixed contributions or to spread a fixed giving pledge over a specific period. Recurring giving is a sure way for churches to increase donation collections.

Aids in developing the act of Generosity

When you meet people who use an online giving tool, they carry with them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it becomes easier to view donations throughout the week. When the church needs help, they log into the app (because they checked Facebook/WhatsApp on their phone) and contribute. The church can grab their attention and give them a convenient way to donate at the moment.

This makes generosity a part of daily life, not something they just take for granted until on Sunday mornings.

Enables giving anywhere anytime

Online donations are extremely convenient for your church service and meeting. Members can certainly donate on Sunday morning, but they can also donate during the week. If someone is looking at their finances on Fridays and decides to donate quickly using the online giving app when they realize they have a little more to give this month.

Research shows that 67% of donations are made Monday through Saturday at any time of the day or night. More than 30% of donations are received from 9 pm to 6 am. Giving members a medium to donate when they feel motivated increases donations and the consistency of the giving.

Saves Time Spent on Account Management

The process of counting, preparing deposits, and accounting for cash and check deposits is time-consuming. When your church starts receiving online donations instead of cash or checks, you will reduce the amount of time spent doing bookkeeping every week. This is a big advantage as volunteers often help calculate weekly contributions.
In addition, a good online giving app provider will provide the ability to export transactions from the management console to a file format that can be easily loaded into your accounting software, so your team will spend less time entering data manually.


Cool Features Of PayedIn That Makes Online Giving A Great Deal

Setting up online giving in Nigeria is extremely easy with PayedIn. PayedIn is the best church online giving platform for receiving and managing church giving and donations. We are the new way to online giving in Nigeria. Our app solution onboarding process is smooth and efficient, allowing church management and members to sign up easily and quickly. Your church can start receiving tithes, offerings, and other donations online with a few quick clicks.

There are a number of features that can increase the quantity and frequency of your church giving and donations to better support church programs and activities which are:

  • Location trigger feature which reminds your members to give during church services via a mobile push notification, which is activated immediately they are within the church geolocation.
  • A recurring payment feature that allows members to specify a fixed amount that is automatically transferred to the church at a stated interval. This helps your members to improve the consistency of their online giving such as tithes and other church contributions.
  • Generation of payment links and QR Codes which can be shared via WhatsApp, emails, and on all social media platforms. This will enable the church to receive and increase remote donations.
  • An interactive dashboard with advanced reporting and monitoring feature, which shows a summarized view of daily, weekly, monthly and annual contributions classed in clear giving categories. Churches can clearly see who gave, for what purpose and how much. This makes your financial analysis easier and better than going through it from the church bank statements.
  • Ability to run campaigns online for church programs and activities. With this, churches can increase their user base and non-members can as well make financial contributions for the church programs and campaigns.

PayedIn has endless potential in increasing Church donations and we look forward to welcoming your church into the family.

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