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Churches interested in a platform that combines convenient online giving tools with robust payment processing features may want to check what PayedIn has to offer.
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Payment processing refers to the handling of financial transactions within the church online payment platform. Modern solutions for churches make these processes more efficient, as the church can start improving the giving process for both members and the finance unit with online payment gateway. With the right online payment payment gateway, churches can now increase giving to better support the programs they currently have at hand.

Churches interested in an online payment gateway that combines convenient online giving tools with robust payment processing features may want to check out the features that PayedIn online payment app has to offer. PayedIn online payment app allows churches to accept online giving made via several payment channels and access the funds as soon as they’re deposited in the church account. Members will be happy to contribute to their favorite church projects, and pastors are beginning to encourage them to do so because the process is very convenient and secure.

Most donors of recent from all types of organizations now prefers giving online, this means that churches should expect that many of their members will want to make their contributions to the church in this manner. Hence, the church needs a payment processor that can facilitate online giving.

The easiest way to ensure that most church in Nigeria have a secure and effective payment processes for online giving and donations is to choose a church online payment gateway that provides donation management, online giving tools and a payment processor. This way, churches will now be able to:

  • Accept online donations from multiple channels
  • Integrate online payment gateway into church website
  • Stay up-to-date on church accounting
  • Receive recurring payments from members
  • Gain new insights into your members’ giving preferences.
  • Create campaigns and receive donations from anywhere

When it comes to choosing the right online payment gateway for a church, the needs of the members and administrative team are the most important considerations. Members want a way to give to the church through an online payment platform that is both convenient and secure, while the admin and financial department wants to ensure the accuracy of all records by minimizing the number of systems they have to use. A combined online payment gateway and payment processing system provides the most streamlined options to suit the church needs.

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