simple secure electronic payment solution in Nigeria

PayedIn launches simple secure electronic payment solution in Nigeria

19 January 2022 Lagos, Nigeria – PayedIn Technology, the Fintech company empowering the offline to online transitioning for organisations, businesses, and entrepreneurs just launched a simple to use payment solution in Nigeria.  


In support of digitalisation of the economy, all organisations, businesses, and entrepreneurs should have access to a secure and easy-to-use electronic payment solution. The current crop of payment solutions available in the country is complex and often require complicated hardware, payment intermediaries or complex systems integration. What this means is that only the top 20% of organisations, businesses and entrepreneurs with the requisite skills, capabilities, and resources are enjoying cashless payments.  


“We have developed a payment platform that is easy-to-use and secure without the need for hardware, intermediaries or systems integration. To get started, recipients only need to go through a simple sign-up process” said Debo Shopade Co-Founder and CEO, PayedIn. “PayedIn is secure by design with state-of-the-art security features including email and phone number verification, two-factor authentication and biometric security to keep transactions secure” said Aditya Padhi, Co-Founder and CTO, PayedIn. Our Payment solutions are available for all major sectors of the economy, including utility, services, transportation, education, e-commerce, charity, and religious sectors. 

Features for payment recipients include payment links for remote payments, integrated transaction reporting dashboard, scan to pay, crowdfunding and instant payment notifications.  Features for those making payments include scan (QR code) to pay, pay by link, location triggered payments, recurring payments, push notifications, transaction receipts and transaction reports.  

PayedIn is available on all platforms, including web, iOS, and Android mobile app stores. 

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