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With the release of the PayedIn app, online giving and donating to churches and NGOs, bill payment, buying, and selling can be made faster, easier and safer.
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PayedIn is a digital marketplace for all. It is an all-in-one digital platform for buying, selling, receiving, and managing church giving and donations. PayedIn allows churches, businesses, NGOs, and other organizations or consumers with an e-mail address and username to open an account that can be used securely and conveniently to perform all kinds of financial transactions online. PayedIn can be used by various sectors which include religious organizations, charities, entertainment, education, government, professional services, transport, and utility companies. PayedIn has got them all covered. We are a company that is powering the offline to the online transition of merchants across Africa.

With the release of the PayedIn online payment app, online giving and donating to churches and NGOs, bill payment, buying, and selling can be made faster, easier and safer. That’s right, PayedIn users can make quick donations and payments from the convenience of their mobile and laptop with few clicks from anywhere in the world.

On the PayedIn website and mobile App, we have implemented cool features that can increase the quantity and frequency of your giving, donation, buying, and selling to better support the activities that you care about the most.

“We designed this online payment app to eliminate all barriers to digital inclusion for the bottom 80% of merchants. Our onboarding process is made smooth and efficient so merchants can start selling online within minutes of signing up to our platform,” PayedIn CEO, Debo Shopade said of the new app.


There are a lot of amazing benefits of using the PayedIn online payment gateway to elongate your reach and capabilities which are listed below:

  • Location trigger feature that allows the setup of reminders via a mobile push notification that is activated once at a pre-determined location.
  • Recurring payment feature allows for the transfer of specific amount automatically to a person or organization for daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. This will help to improve the consistency of payments and contributions for subscription businesses and churches.
  • Generation of payment links and QR Codes which can be shared via Social Media, WhatsApp, and Emails.
  • An interactive dashboard for advanced reporting and monitoring that shows a summarized view of daily, weekly, monthly and annual contributions classed in clear stated categories. You can see vividly who made certain payment/gave, for what purpose and how much. Existing solutions for e-payment does not provide clear and transparent reporting. This is way better and easier to analyze than bank account statement.
  • Campaigns can be run online to increase reach and engagement for certain activities.

PayedIn is filled with endless potential in increasing organizations, business, and church payment processes and in boosting your activities.

PayedIn has two plans which are the Basic Plan and Standard Plan. The basic plan is absolutely free with a 2.5% transaction fee, which is capped at N2500. But to enjoy the full goodness of PayedIn, you should subscribe to the Standard Plan which costs N20,000 annually, but has been made free for a specific trial period.

The new payment app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and IOS Store.

As well, you can learn more about PayedIn by visiting our homepage.

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