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It is not news that Nigerians are slowly changing from cash dependency to digital forms of transactions. According to the Nigeria Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS), the adoption of digital payment options, especially mobile, has been growing exponentially. Digital payment provides another way for customers to make payments online. With the recent one-touch quick payment from a smartphone, customers can now make payments to merchants online with ease.

A report shows that mobile digital payment saw the highest growth rate of adoption, rising 15.8% in June 2021 to hit an all-time high of 22 million transactions. The growth seen across the digital payment channels further highlights global reports that Africa and Nigeria in particular, has one of the fastest digital adoption rates in the world.

PayedIn electronic services enable merchants to manage their businesses comfortably and have influenced how customers make payments as businesses are now receiving payments through our mobile app and online payment platform.

Below are the various ways PayedIn benefits customers and merchants:

For Customers,


PayedIn is always on the lookout for all its customers. Whenever a user makes their first payment, they receive a discount for a successful payment to a merchant.

For Merchants,

Merchants with PayedIn have a new business management platform experience, as this makes your customers’ life so much easier by creating products. PayedIn offers a lot of touchpoints for customers to interact with the products and services of a merchant.

With PayedIn you can

1. Generate receipts for any service you are offering to your customers quickly.

2. Get a custom-designed QR with your business details.

3. Get Bank Settlements directly into your bank accounts.

4. Get a Merchant Dashboard that makes the payment for your products easier.

Our mobile app is designed in such a way that it takes only a couple of minutes to get your customer on board to make payments to your business. Our Payment Gateway is so easy to use that it takes less than a minute to checkout.

All customers and merchants’ queries and accounts are managed carefully by our team of experts, and we have designed a top-class mobile application to keep every account safe.


Security is our utmost priory, every transaction done at PayedIn is 99.9% Secured. We are PCI DSS Compliant, and our security protocols are stringent.

For further questions, concerns or queries, reach us at support@ 

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