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How to set a recurring payment on the PayedIn application.

This article is mainly for the purpose of taking us through the different steps of the PayedIn Application.

Step 1: Please note that the recurring payments feature is only available for payments made with the “pay with card method”.
Step 2: Launch the PayedIn application, sign into your account using your password or biometrics and tap on the “make payment button” on the home page.
Step 3: On the “make payment” section, choose a payment you have previously made that you would set as recurring.
Step 4: Tap on the “make a recurring payment” text link.
Step 5: Proceed to enter the details (Frequency, start date, end date, and tap on the “set recurring payment” button.
Step 6: You have successfully created recurring payment, proceed to view your recurring payment details. NB: you can set payment as recurring while making a payment by toggling the “set as recurring” button on the payment summary page.
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