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PayedIn is offering a seamless buying experience to enable merchants to receive online payments from customers with ease, but most importantly retaining them and managing business uptime. Collecting payments instantly on your PayedIn Merchant Account is now very easy via PayedIn Payment Links.

With the PayedIn online payment gateway, Merchants can now utilize the business opportunity to create packages like campaigns, products, or services with a fixed or flexible price. Merchants can generate payment links or send QR codes for products, services, or packages and share them with customers to make their purchases. You can also set up your PayedIn Business Dashboard in a way that your customers can pay for either a single product or select multiple products.  

PayedIn also has a secure web Payments page for merchants and it is a simple web page designed to help you receive online payments from your customers through your merchant account. The payments page is hosted on a secure server guaranteeing you and your customers secure transactions when you receive payments online.

New users can make payments when they click the payment link shared with them by a merchant. The customer will then be redirected to your secure payment page to fill in their personal details and the amount to pay. The secure payment page gives the customer control over the amount of money to pay.

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