How to receive donations in Nigeria
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In the world of charities and non-profit organizations, receiving donations is very essential, whether you’re a small organization or a large one, accepting donations can be a great way to keep your non-profit afloat and maintain your mission. 

To receive donations in Nigeria, as an NGO or Non-profit, you must first understand that due to the advancement of technology, online donation happens to be a more advantageous way. This is because you can now accept donations from different parts of the world using online fundraising websites and mobile apps. 

This article answers the common question of ‘How to receive donations in Nigeria?’ It provides you with the steps you can take to succeed in accepting the donations you deserve for your charity, NGO, or Non-profit organization. Let us get into the details.

Donations in Nigeria

The word “donation” means a gift given to an organization or institution. When an individual gives money or other items to help someone else, they are donating. The amount of money that is given is called the donation amount. The person who donates is called the donor, while the person receiving it is called the donee.

However, donations are not used by non-profit organizations only, but also by others, such as religious institutions, student bodies, community associations, etc. It can be used for fundraising events from time to time for outreaches, building projects, etc.

But how do you get people to donate? And how do you make sure they know where their money is going?

There are many different ways to approach this problem, but today we’re going to focus on creating an online donation system that will allow people to give directly from their computers or mobile devices.


Here are a few steps to keep in mind when receiving donations from people online in Nigeria:
  • Keep requests limited to once a month.
  • Plan some baseline milestones for rewarding donors.
  • Develop a system for processing donations.
  • Include a transparency page and tell people how the funds will be engaged.
  • Keep track of donors and their contact information.


Step 1: Keep requests limited to once a month.

When requesting donations, be very specific about what the money will be used for. Include a breakdown of how much will go to each area of need. People like to know that their money is going to be engaged responsibly. 

Send donation requests to friends, family, and businesses – Nigerians have been able to enjoy the benefits of online giving through social media platforms, text messaging, and email. 


Step 2: Plan some baseline milestones for rewarding donors.

Donors are the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization. Without them, nonprofits would not be able to achieve their missions. But how can you make sure that your nonprofit is receiving donations from Nigerian donors? 

Here are a few tips: 

  1. Thank-you card for every donation made, to special recognition for those who give above a certain amount. 


By showing your donors that you appreciate their generosity, they are more likely to continue giving to your organization. 


Step 3: Develop an online system for receiving donations. 

This could include setting up an online donation portal that is secure and easy to use so that donors can have confidence that their donations will reach you safely. More on this later. 


Step 4: Include a transparency page and tell people how the funds will be engaged.

Creating a page on your website or blog dedicated to this purpose can help to build trust with potential donors.  

This page should include information about what sort of donations you accept. The different types of payment methods accepted (debit cards, transfers, etc.) and other details about donating. 

Include a bio for where your charity location, objective, and how people can donate. 

Be sure to include information on how the donations will be used and how they will make a difference. Keep in mind that people are more likely to donate if they feel that their money is going to a good cause. 


Step 5: Keep track of your donors and their contact information.

This will allow you to stay in touch with them and update them on how their donations will be used. It will also help you build relationships with potential future donors. 

By following these steps, you can ensure that your non-profit will receive donations from Nigerian donors to further your mission. 

The best way to receive donations in Nigeria 

Accessibility to the funds received via the online donation platform is quite important. For a nonprofit organization in Nigeria to build stable fundraising strategies, they need a sustainable way to receive donations online.   

When selecting the best donation platform for your NGO or non-profit, here are some criteria points to consider:  

  • Processing Fees  
  • Setup and signUp procedures  
  • Integration and social sharing options  
  • Financial record statistics/donation metrics  
  • Security and so much more

To capture these criteria, there a new donation platform was developed to make it easy for non-profit organizations to receive online donations – PayedIn. 


What is PayedIn? 

PayedIn is a fundraising and donation management solution in Nigeria designed with non-profit organizations in mind: Allowing you to run a seamless, safe, and secure campaign that enables you to use any donation processing method, from one-time donations to custom recurring payments.  

PayedIn’s donation platform makes it easy for you to run a crowdfunding campaign, with no set-up costs or hidden fees. We take care of security so you don’t have to, and give you reports to help make your fundraiser more successful.  

The PayedIn setup process is quite easy as it does not require technical know-how and coding abilities. Signup can be completed in a few minutes for any organization that would want to create a campaign.   

PayedIn charges the cheapest as the most affordable online donation platform. Non-profits do not need to worry about bogus hidden charges, but focus on activities that are of importance to them.  

With PayedIn, nonprofits and religious organizations can generate payment links and QR codes. Social media platforms and emails can be used to share these links to receive online donations from sponsors.  

PayedIn dashboard reporting and monitoring features show the summary view of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly contributions in giving categories. In addition, they get a detailed breakdown of the donors, the purpose of donation and the amount contributed.  

PayedIn offers a recurring donation feature that allows donors to set up a specific amount to be transferred automatically daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. This, in turn, helps donors improve the consistency in their giving and other regular contributions.  

In addition, the donor and nonprofit are provided with an instant receipt immediately after the donation is successful.


Most importantly, nonprofits get direct access to funds donated directly into their bank account the next working day as PayedIn does not warehouse cash and does not need to stress about completing a long crowdfunding schedule. 

Choosing the right online crowdfunding platform in Nigeria is a big decision. With PayedIn, all doubts are cleared, and you can focus on achieving results for your nonprofit organization.   

To increase the donation efficiency of your non-profit, it’s best you leverage on PayedIn to achieve this. 


Here’s how you can start to receive donations to your cause in Nigeria using your mobile phone.  

In conclusion, it is clear that it is imperative to receive donations when running a local charity or your own non-profit. And there is no better time to start accepting donations than now.   

Donations are vital to the survival of non-profit organizations. They help organizations establish and sustain their programs, which are, often the difference between an organization accomplishing its objectives or simply closing shop.  

Whether you are looking for online donations or offline donations, we have a 3-step guide that gives you the 3 step process to help you receive donations in Nigeria and around the world. As such, you can start to receive donations in 5 minutes. 

Start here to begin the process of receiving donations seamlessly, safely & securely – for Non-profits in Nigeria. 

If you have any questions regarding this subject or would like to share some of your tips on how to receive donations, we welcome your helpful feedback, kindly leave a comment below. 

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