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How to make your first payment on the PayedIn Application.

This article is mainly for the purpose of taking us through the different steps of the PayedIn Application.

Step 1: Launch the PayedIn application on your device.
Step 2: Sign into your account using your email address and password or previously existing biometrics.
Step 3: On the homepage, tap on the “Make Payments” button. You would notice the tip that says to make payments, enter the business or organization name, merchant ID, or location in the search field and select the target.
Step 4: Search for a merchant you want like to pay, then select the preferred merchant. Please note that you could either pay the merchant directly or select a category to make payment for.
Step 5: Proceed to pay the merchant directly, then tap on the “Pay Merchant” button.
Step 6: Enter an amount to be paid and tap on the continue button.
Step 7: Choose to either pay with a PIN or with Biometrics. For this guideline, we are using the PIN.
Step 8: Create a 4-digits PIN, confirm the PIN, and tap on proceed. NB: This PIN would be used to authorize all payments on the PayedIn application. You would be re-directed to the payment summary page.
Step 9: Enter the 4-digit PIN to authorize this first payment.
Step 10: Proceed to choose the payment method of your choice but for this demo, our procedure would be “Pay by Card” then click on proceed. Note that you would be required to provide your card details.
Step 11: Enter your debit card details i.e., Card number, expiry date, and CVV.
Step 12: Proceed to authenticate with your bank.
Step 13: Once payment is verified and successful, tap on the “proceed” button and get redirected to the PayedIn application.
Step 14: You have successfully made your first and proceed to rate your experience on the app.
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