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Merchant Account

PayedIn is the digital marketplace that is powering the offline to online transition for merchants and customers across Africa.

You can become a merchant by following these easy steps:

Download the PayedIn app and click on ‘Create an Account’.
Enter your email and password and click on ‘Create an Account’.
Next, verify your account by clicking the verification link sent to your mail:
Login - You can now Login and set up your account.
Next, click on ‘Become a Merchant’ in the Pay Merchant Page.
Complete Profile – You can now fill in all your business information and bank details to start receiving payments from customers automatically in your bank account.

What are the different payment channels available?

The payment methods include:

Receive Payment – You can receive payment for listed payment categories in no time!

Payouts – Get your payments directly into your bank account.

Subscription - Receive and manage recurring payments from your customers, seamlessly.

Payment Link - Accept payments by generating and sharing your PayedIn Payment Links via SMS, email or WhatsApp.

QR Code - Collect payments easily by sending your QR Codes via social media platforms. You can print QR Code and let your customers scan to pay at the go.

Location Trigger Payment – Receive payments from you customers whenever they are close to your location.

What is the transaction charge on PayedIn?

Get started with PayedIn for free on Basic plan to accept payment remotely.

For reduced transaction fee and to enjoy more feature, subscribe to the paid standard plan.
Please refer to the pricing page for more information

How do I add my business?

After you have created your account and clicked become a merchant, the next step is to add your business account by completing a form and provide information that will help us verify the business and identity.

Steps to Adding a Business?

1. Add your business account after becoming a merchant, as shown below.
2. Upon clicking on the Become a merchant button you'll be prompted with an application form that you need to fill out to provide information about your business.

All applicable fields are mandatory. It will take you about 2–5 minutes to complete the form. In case you don’t have all the information at hand, you can always save the application and continue at a later stage.

Make sure that you have the following documents ready to upload during the application process: Business images, payment category images etc

3. As soon as you update your business profile you can now list payment categories and start selling with the PayedIn app.

what is payout?

Payout is one of the features on the mobile and web app that shows all payment settlement made to the merchant, the merchant receives the money paid by their customers for a particular product or service, in their bank account.

How long does it take to get payment in my bank account?

Ordinarily, payments are automatically transferred to your bank account in the next working day for both basic merchant and standard merchants, starting from the successful transaction date (excluding weekends and bank holidays).

Where can I find all my Payouts?

Whenever a customer completes a payment for your product, your Payouts will reflect on your dashboard and transferred to your bank account in the next working day.
Click on payouts to view your settlement summary.

How can I see the details of my Payouts?

You are notified of your payout on your dashboard. To check details of a particular Payout::

Go to Payout section on your dashboard.
Search for payment number or date of the Payout,
Click on the Payout for more details
You'll be able to see the payment made to your business and all transactions details for the Payout.
Each settlement has a unique payment ID number. Please check on the dashboard, settlement date, ID number, total sales amount, and settled amount.


A payment category allows you to create a customized list of items to differentiate payments. This gives clarity and insights from reports and payment dashboards.

How can I add a payment category?

Login' to your PayedIn Account, click the Category button and click on add category. Provide a description, amount, and photo that can help customers understand each category created.


Creating a payment category on PayedIn is free, but a certain number of listings applies to Basic Merchant and Standard Merchants.

'Login to your PayedIn account.
Tap on your profile near the notification bell and click “Switch to Merchant Mode”.
Click on “Category” and tap on "Generate Payment Link" at the bottom.
Click on 'Select the preferred category and click "Generate Link".'
Click 'Copy' to share the payment link or QR Code.

Where can I find my Transactions?

To view the status of your transactions on the PayedIn app:

1. Click on the transaction tab on your dashboard.
2. Search or filter the transaction by product type or details of the customer or date of transaction.
3. Click on the transaction for details

Can I check transaction summary of 30 days?

Yes, you can check transaction summary for the last 30 days on your dashboard by filtering from the date of transactions.

What is campaign?

PayedIn campaign enables you to collect payments for donations or funding of projects. With PayedIn campaign feature, you can create different campaigns to fund your organisation activities, non-profits and religious events etc.

How can I create a campaign?

Login' to your PayedIn Account, tap on the Business tab, and click on add campaign.
Provide the name and campaign description, add photo that can help people understand what your campaign is all about.
After adding your campaign, you generate a campaign link and share to people you want to donate to your course.

How do I update my Bank Account?

You can follow these few steps to update or change your bank details:

1. Login to your PayedIn Account
2. Click on business
3. Click on edit and fill in the required details.

What is location trigger payment?

Location trigger payment is a one click push notification that alert customers to pay at a pre-determined merchant locations, this is a feature that saves time, with no technical setup involved.

How do I set up my business to accept location trigger payment?

As a merchant, your business will automatically be set to accept location trigger payments from your customers.

Customer Account

How can I view my payment history?

You can view your payment made to merchants on your customer dashboard. Follow this below steps to view your payments.

1. Login to your customer dashboard
2. Click on payments
3. View payment history, click a specific transaction to set recurring payment made, download payment receipt or use the search option to get payments for a particular date.

My account was debited but the order was not placed.

Confirm if the payment process was successful by checking your transaction confirmation in your email.

If your transaction is successful, please contact the customer support team and provide your PayedIn Payment ID (available on your transaction email).

What is recurring payment?

With the PayedIn recurring payment feature, customers can make regular payment or split payment over a period.

You can make a recurring payment by following the below steps:

1. Make a payment to your preferred merchant
2. Click on the payments tab.
3. Tap on the payment you want to setup a recurring payment.
4. Click 'Make a recurring payment'
5. Set up the payment frequency and start date.
6. Click 'Set recurring payment'

Location trigger payment is a one click push to pay at pre-determined merchant locations, this is a feature that saves time, with easy and quick payments whenever you are close to a merchant location.

Yes, you can activate your location trigger either by accepting the location access during signing up. You can also enable location trigger from settings of your customer dashboard.

You will be requested to create your transaction PIN while attempting to make your first payment. Kindly follow the instructions provided at the time of payment.

Upon registration, you can accept biometric login for your PayedIn account. You can also set biometrics from the settings of your PayedIn account.

You can reset your password either from the PayedIn app or website.

1. Visit the PayedIn website or mobile app,
2. Click on forgot password
3. Insert your email and click on Reset Password button.
4. Click on the ‘Password link’ sent to your email, and tap Proceed.

Immediately your email address is verified, create a new password for your PayedIn account. Your new password should be a combination of minimum 8 characters with uppercase, number, lowercase and special character.

Yes, customers can buy products from different merchants by searching the merchant on the pay merchant dashboard.

1. Login to your Customer dashboard
2. Search for Merchants or Organisations to make payment.
3. Click on the Merchant Profile
4. Make payment to the Merchant

Customers can become a Merchant on PayedIn by following the below steps;

1. Click on ‘Become a Merchant’ in the make payment page.
2. Add your business.
3. List payment categories and start receiving payments.

PayedIn aims to provide fast and easy payment experience for merchants and their customers, which enables merchants to receive payments through the following payment methods.

1. Card payment
2. Bank payment
3. Bank transfer

Will I get charged to upgrade to a merchant account?

No, creating a merchant account on PayedIn is absolutely free for the basic package, but a small fee is needed to upgrade to become a standard merchant.

What is invite team members feature?

This feature enables you to add other employees from your business or organization to use the application to track payments made to your business or organization’s account.

How can I invite a team member to my organisation or business account?

To invite other team members to confirm or track payments made to your organisation or business account. Follow the steps below;

1. Login to your Merchant account
2. Click on Business
3. Tap on “Team Member”
4. Click "Invite a new team Member"
5. Enter email address of team member and Submit.

(Note: Only the owner of the organisation or business account have the ability to invite other team members.)