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We offers Churches full digital solutions to help them run their online giving, donations and contributions no matter their size or style.

Complete Digital Solutions.

Shape the next level of your Church Online Giving with tools that work together. We are a secured online giving platform.

Donation platform for Africa

Connect with Members and Donors

Discover different churches and and organisations right on the app. Donate to your favorite church and organization without hassles.

Ways We Help You

Powerful features below will help in the smooth running of your online giving and contributions.

Location Triggered Messages

A powerful feature for Churches that reminds your members to give during church service via a mobile push notification that is activated once when they are geolocated to church.

Recurring Payments

Members can specify a fixed amount that can be automatically transferred to the church on daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. This will improve the consistency of their giving such as tithes and regular contributions.

Convenient Payment Methods

Churches can now generate payment links and QR Codes which can be shared via WhatsApp, emails, and on all social media platforms. This will enable the church to receive and increase online remote donations.

Advanced Reporting and Monitoring

An interactive dashboard which shows a summary view of daily, weekly, monthly and annual contributions classed into clear giving categories. Churches can clearly see who gave, for what purpose and how much. Which is different from the bank statement

Run Smart Campaigns As You Go

Churches on our platform can run campaigns online for programs that are important to them. With PayedIn’s growing user base, non-members can also make financial contributions to church programs and campaigns.

Donor Management System

Shape the next level of your Church Online Giving with Tools that work together. Use the platform to manage list of all your donors in real-time to follow up on online giving with built-in donor management system.

PayedIn has endless potential in increasing Church donations and we look forward to welcoming your church into the PayedIn family.