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How to receive donations in Nigeria

Instantly Accept Donations

No more lengthy signup, go from setup to receiving donations in a few quick clicks.

Online Fundraising platform

Effective online fundraising

A donation platform that gives charities the solution to connect with their donors through online fundraising.​


Our powerful donation features will make the process of receiving donation seamlessly, safe and secured.

Easy Onboarding Process

Start receiving donation in a matter of minutes after signup. Our clean and interactive design makes it easy to complete donations with a few clicks.

Get Fundraising Report and Trends

We provide you with trends and behaviours of donors which will assist on how better to run a more successful fundraising event.

Flexibility of Payment

We make it easy for people to donate through various payment methods like QR code, donation links which can be shared via WhatsApp, emails, and on all social media platforms for your donors to make donate quickly and seamlessly.

Automatic Delivery of Funds

You don’t need to worry about withdrawing or managing your funds as it is sent directly to your bank account.

Activate Recurring Donations

Charities are given the options to add recurring donations to their donation page in order for donors to make repeat giving and donations which can be set to daily, weekly, monthly or yearly..

Improve Donation Rate by Running Campaigns

Campaigns can be run to attract your target can get to run campaigns online to attract your target audience that are important to your business growth.

Scaling and increasing the rate of your charity donations is endless with PayedIn in the picture.

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