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Discover amazing features that are designed to help you sell and receive payments online seamlessly.

Instant online payment

Set Up and Start Scaling Fast

Publish your products or services quickly as soon as you sign up – no complexities and begin to sell online.

Perfect For All Kinds of Business

PayedIn works for all kinds of businesses – schools, retails, services without long procedures. Get to create payment categories and let orders begin to pop-in.

Fast and secure payment solution
Seamless electronic payment Transaction

Take Payment Securely.

PayedIn allows you receive payments through payment links, cards, QR code and others. Simply choose the one that serves you better. Access to your money instantly which is transferred to your bank account

What We Can Help You With

Our business features that will help in the smooth running of your business online.

Set Recurring Payments

Your customer get to choose to make one-time and recurring payments which can be at certain intervals from our app which is sent to your bank account automatically. This allow your customers to pay however they want, that is convenient.

Painless Payment Methods

You can receive payment through payment links and QR Codes which can be shared via WhatsApp, emails, and on all social media platforms for your customers to make payment.

Detailed Transaction Reporting

Our dashboard gives you a detailed summary view of your transactions properly categorized. You get to see who gave, for what purpose and how much. No need going through your bank statements for audit purposes.

Advanced Fraud Detection

Your business is secured from fraudulent transactions and associated chargeback claims as we have automated and manual fraud systems to protect you.

Stay Inform About Important Updates

Get alert about new order and payments with push notifications. This prompt you to take actions as regards your order shipping and more.

Boost Sales with Insightful Campaigns

On PayedIn, you can get to run campaigns online to attract your target audience that are important to your business growth. We have a growing user base which can be valuable to your business and as well increase your order volume.

The potential to scale and increase your business revenue is endless with you, being part of PayedIn. We simply bring you closer to your business dream.