Business Tips Needed to Grow Your Business Online

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Moving your business and products online could be the breakthrough that your business is yearning for now. This could be as simple as opening a social media page or having a fully active digital payment solution.

How To Receive Online Payments Via PayedIn Merchant Dashboard

PayedIn is offering a seamless buying experience to enable merchants to receive online payments from customers with ease, but most importantly retaining them and managing business uptime. Collecting payments instantly on your PayedIn Merchant Account is now very easy via PayedIn Payment Links. With the PayedIn online payment gateway, Merchants can now utilize the business […]

Free, Quick, and Easy Dashboard Management for Merchants

PayedIn Merchant Dashboard Management System currently is a necessity that every business in Nigeria needs. This free Management System from PayedIn permits your Basic Merchants to meet recent requirements to generate QR and Payment links and keep exact records of their customers’ transactions. Now businesses in Nigeria can use PayedIn’s Merchant Management System to note […]

How PayedIn is Helping Customers and Businesses Thrive

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It is not news that Nigerians are slowly changing from cash dependency to digital forms of transactions. According to the Nigeria Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS), the adoption of digital payment options, especially mobile, has been growing exponentially. Digital payment provides another way for customers to make payments online. With the recent one-touch quick payment from a smartphone, […]